It’s Time for Fun!

Hi! I’m Un0 and I am super excited to talk about anime, manga, video games, sports, music etc. I’m not looking for any hate, just fun! Thanks for taking the time to read 🙂

Listening to Music

I really do enjoy music, it helps take my mind off of things. I am mostly into indie-pop but will sometimes venture outside of that (rare though). I used to follow this website called indie underground but they haven’t posted any new bands/artists for a while. When I listen to indie and synth-pop, I feel as if I can just chill out and enjoy the moment. Some people really enjoy rap and other genres (which is cool) but it’s just not for me! Whenever I’m out for a walk I plug in my earphones and enjoy the tunes and the scenery of nature. I would just rather listen to a chilled playlist than the engines of buses and cars or the conversations of others. Some artists I enjoy listening to include: Hannah Telle, Daughter, Broods, Wolf Alice, Chelou, and many others. I enjoy looking up their lyrics to songs so I can interpret their meanings. Sometimes these songs really make me feel and set my mood. I’m really enthralled by their talks of life lessons and I believe I am mainly attracted to moods of sadness, love, and hurt. Not the most positive thing but it fits my personality more. I listen to these songs and think, “wow, I wish I were going through that”. Maybe it’s because I am just looking for more excuses for life sometimes. I don’t believe I am as emotional as others so listening to this kind of music helps understand these different feelings.